Dipesh Pandey


I am a novice programmer and a life-time learner. I mainly work on Backend Development with Python and Node.JS, but also fiddle around with NLP, and Machine Learning. Right now, I work full-time as a software engineer for Retriever where I mainly build data pipelines to process media data. I also work as a tech volunteer at Radionova, a student-run online radio based in Oslo. Apart from these, I manage a few of my pet projects which I like working on every now and then.

I am quite interested in building end-to-end products given an idea, and usually like to be involved with problem solving during the inception phase. I have managed to build my personal tools and platforms that are currently generating some revenue, while some are still looking for customers or still in the progress of development. I consider myself a novice in programming with a curious mind. I am always open to learn new skills one way or the other as long as the challenge interests me.

This blog provides sort of a dump of my mind. I hope to connect with like-minded individuals through this. If you have any suggestions or just want to connect, please free to contact me.

Thanks for reading!


Jan 15, 2023 Switched to a new blog theme
Dec 12, 2022 Launched Haifix with 10 customers
Aug 1, 2022 Started as a tech manager in Radionova
Jul 1, 2022 Started as a software engineer in Retriever AS