I started as a tech manager at Radionova, a non-profit student-run online radio based in Oslo. The timing of the job couldn’t be much better because I was looking for a role which is not your typical software engineering job. I wanted to experiments, make and break things, and at the same time have fun. That’s exactly what Radionova has given me.

Within the first 5 months with Radionova, I have been able to build several interesting scripts to make sure the radio runs 24/7 without issues. There have been cases where some servers have shut down all of a sudden resulting in silence in the air for some hours, but other than that it has been a smooth sailing. The coolest thing I get to experiment is the in-house Raspberry Pi based servers responsible for the whole infrastructure of the radio. And the managers who were involved before me have written their own entire CGI in Lua to host websites.

The coolest thing about working at Radionova is that I am automatically a volunteer in all things organized. Because the radio is catered for university students who are interested in radio, journalism, and tech, the shows and events are also organized keeping this very thing in mind. I have already been involved in events like flea markets, members meeting parties, Christmas party, and many more.

At the moment, I am taking the responsibility of modernising a few components of the tech infrastructure, mainly moving some components to the Cloud. Just last week, we got approved of the Non-Profit Grant by Microsoft, so we get to host our stuffs in Azure for almost free. It’s going to be a really exciting next few months at Radionova where I can’t wait to see how much we get done. This year, I am also going to mentor a few other students who are interested in learning what we do on the tech side of the radio. Can’t wait!